REC Trading

What Are Renewable Energy Certificates?

Each REC represents one megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity that is produced and delivered to the power grid by renewable energy resources (solar, hydro, wind or biomass). It acts as an accounting or tracking mechanism for renewable energy as they flow into the power grid.

By purchasing a REC, take ownership of green energy which permits entitlement that the electricity use came from RE sources. RECs validate the environmental and social benefits from using clean energy.


Our Platform

A marketplace for RECs trading driven by blockchain technology. Choose from various different types of RE sources from all over the country according to your preference!

The production of RECs for RE producers are automated using a combination of IoT meters and blockchain technology.

Sustain and achieve your environmental goals by investing in certified RECs!

Trade Transparently

As a platform, Evenergy allows RE buyers to access numerous sellers, without undue markups by third parties.

More than just a Commodity

EVR Tokens are recognised as a climate action instrument by partners like the Global Compact Network Malaysia and others. It enables for mobilisation of private-sector funds towards various corporate impact initiatives.

Traceable and Secure

EVR Tokens are generated automatically through a combination of latest technologies including IoT and Blockchain, ensuring fully traceable and secure transfers of RECs.

Step 1:

Sign Up

Register an account on the platform by filing in a few details.

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Step 2:


Browse the RE Projects’ profiles and submit bids for your preferred RECs.

Step 3:

Purchase RECs

Once the bid has been accepted by the RE producer, pay securely on-platform, ensuring transfer of both RECs and money.

Step 4:


View dashboards to easily observe an overview of various metrics including purchased and retired RECs.

Energy management and reporting made easy for you!

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